Real time solutions

Nextérité provides real-time mobility and transport information services through its semantic and AI algorithms. The NextAlert, ViaFacil and ViaPro solutions enable operators and authorities to better inform their users, managers and the public.

Regulated collaborative information

With authorities and businesses facing a growing need for real time information to improve mobility, Nextérité has developed a collaborative semantic system that obtains reliable transport and area information in real time.

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Mobility at your fingertips

ViaFacil allows any organisationor authority to provide its users or the public with real time information about disruptions in its network or area and to include them in the integrated route planner.


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Easier area management

ViaPro allows managers to transmit and regulate, among themselves or with the general public, information about mobility and transport situations in their area, such as the state of the roads, traffic conditions, floods… through secure, real-time sharing.


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