Real time mobility information

Mobility Information Solutions

Nextérité’s mobility information services collect data and messages from many sources, text and data) and provide reliable and comprehensive real-time mobility information to people wishing to move, operators and communities.

NextAlert The real-time semantic engine NextAlert spots and qualifies messages sent on social networks to select only truly useful transport information (about one in a thousand messages). Tests with mobility operators have shown that NextAlert detects 40% more information, with an average advance of 20 minutes for shared information. NextAlert can be easily integrated into information or trip calculation applications.
ViaFacil The ViaFacil application combines route calculation and real-time traffic information from official and collaborative data. This progressive web app can be used via a simple browser. Additional modules are available, for instance for real-time workroads information or parking spaces management.

The ViaPro professional application is reserved for managers present in a territory (transport, infrastructure, security, etc.). It allows them to exchange data related to disruptions or risks related to mobility and the environment in this territory in a flexible and secure manner, as well as to regulate the information transmitted to ViaFacil.

Feel free to contact us to know more about NextAlert, ViaFacil or ViaPro, see a demo, or want to address a specific need in your network or territory.