Fréquence relative des thèmes par document

Theme relative frequency per document


Clustering de documents

Documents clustering by content


Automated patent and portfolio analysis

Traditional search tools in patent databases are based on given assumptions and sometimes limited search engines. This makes it very difficult to detect new potential competitors, assess the positioning of internal R&D projects and discover new trends and opportunities.

Monitoring innovation takes time and is based mainly on a thorough knowledge of the sector by experts. It is also expensive.

To provide a quick, exhaustive and economical analysis, NextPatent automatically analyses and compares hundreds to thousands of patents:

  • thanks to an automated search of their main subject matter ;
  • grouping by categories ;
  • allowing patents to be found that have the closest subject matter to a patent or R&D project ;

all without prior classification and with the least human intervention possible.

NextPatent combines several big data techniques and machine learning with semantic methods. The system automatically creates a classification that enables all the documents analysed to be described, assigning each of them a label that characterises them and allows an easy comparison between them.

More reliable, exhaustive and a lot quicker than a manual analysis, NextPatent protects the confidentiality of your searches and increases your productivity by 10 to 20 fold.

NextPatent is available in two ways:

  • by SaaS subscription (Software as a Service)
  • upon request, with reports provided within 48 hours

Companies such as LVMH or EDF use the NextPatent solution.

For more information about NextPatent’s automatic document analysis, contact us.