ViaPro, shared infoservice for managers

Thanks to Viapro, territorial managers  in charge of road, security, roadworks can securely share information about:

  • mobility conditions (traffic, construction works, accidents, disruptions, etc.);
  • climatic conditions (weather conditions and alertes, flood, etc.);
  • upcoming events (demonstrations, works, markets, etc.).

A regulatory tool

Secure, the ViaPro application makes it easy to:

  • share information in real time between professionals;
  • access to disruption and event historical data (traffic conditions, floods);
  • regulate of information and alerts sent to the general public through ViaFacil.

Easy to use, ViaPro promotes efficiency of professionals in the field.

Feel free to contact us to know more about ViaPro, see a demo, or want to address a specific need in your network or territory.