Easier area management

Good visual content. Easy to use.

The professional application ViaPro is reserved for managers on the ground in a region (transport, infrastructure, security, authority…). It permits secure sharing of information about:


  • mobility and transport conditions (traffic, road works, accidents, bad weather,…);
  • weather conditions (floods, weather alerts,…) ;
  • upcoming events (demonstrations, road works, markets,…).

The secure ViaPro app provides:

  • real-time information sharing between professionals;
  • access to previous records of disruptions and events (traffic conditions, floods, road works);
  • the introduction and updating of geolocated information in real-time;
  • the addition of visuals (photos) to help in tracking events;
  • the regulation of information and alerts sent to the general public by ViaFacil.

ViaPro can be used on Smartphones or computers (PWA) and promotes the efficiency of professionals on the ground being very simple to use.

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